Browse our exquisite selection of professional hair thinning scissors at Scissor Tech! Our thinning shears are handcrafted from premium-grade Japanese Steel. We stock only the most trusted brands in the beauty industry, so you'll find the designs are all impeccable and your clients will surely notice their superiority.

Hair thinning scissors allow you to create textured looks that suit a number of today's most popular hairstyles. Consider all Scissor Tech Shears as precision instruments. They give clean, precise cuts. And you'll love (and your clients will too!) the beautifully layered looks these shears help provide. Each pair of hair thinning scissors features ergonomic, sculpted handles, giving you maximum control & maneuverability while you work. And that’s our goal! Poor-quality scissors will result in clients being unhappy with the result. Even if you have years’-worth of experience, you won’t succeed with scissors that are uncomfortable to work with. We want to provide you with the best products available on the market so that you can create amazing hairdos time and time again without having to worry about injuring yourself in the process.

Dealing with fine hair can be a challenge, there’s no question about that. However, you are not alone in this struggle - it's our mission to provide you with only the best quality thinning & texturizing hair scissors. If you need thinning shears for thick hair or just want to buy hair thinning shears, you'll find that ours are expertly constructed and require minimal maintenance. You’ll be amazed by how much easier it is to do your job with the models that can be found on our website. We offer both right-handed and left-handed shears, available in a wide range of beautiful finishes, including classic steel, rose gold, matte black, rainbow chrome, and printed styles. Sure, form follows function, but why shouldn’t they also be beautiful apart from being efficient?

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